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  1. Uncle B

    great photos. A side of China that rarely makes it to the front page. Next, concentrate on the polluted side of China.

  2. The Heavy J

    I recently came back from Beijing and Yanji. The rivers are so low. Nice to see some the river to the banks in your pictures. Meet any Falun Dafa practitioners or had they already been victims of genocide?

  3. Nyke

    Wonderful pictures, thanks. What’s the guy with the blow torch doing?
    Let’s just enjoy the great photography and the storey each picture tells and leave the snide political political stuff aside
    Twold be good to know where this town is, I’d like to visit, and China being so big, town names can be duplicated to great confusion

  4. Jacque

    I was just caught off guard by the picture with white people in it, wearing traditional clothes.

  5. S.

    “The Chinese have no respect for washing machines”

    …excuse me? that is completely BEYOND offensive. unlike in prosperous countries, not everyone can afford all the luxuries that you take for granted.

  6. Anon

    Hahahaha this fucking moron is getting upset over an observation!

  7. nicknack

    So great to see this posted! Your photos are absolutely beautiful, especially in the winter environment.

    Concerning washing machines, I think in FengHuang the buildings aren’t fitted with the proper plumbing fixtures to accommodate them. When I was there last, I saw a lot of people dragging machines hooked to extension cords down to the river to fill with buckets of water. It was a strange sight, to say the least! I’ve even heard stories of farmers elsewhere in China purchasing them to wash crops, like potatoes, instead of their clothing.

    Anyways, it’s obvious that the poster was pointing out a cultural difference rather than begrudging the Chinese way of life. Try not to be so cynical, eh?

  8. nicknack

    My washing machine rant is mean to be directed at “S,” btw.

  9. Adam

    Great pictures!!

  10. Ray

    I was wondering where these pictures are from. I know there will be countless posts asking if I can read or if I paid attention to the heading, but according to yahoo and google earth, Fenhuan is not found. I am living in China at the moment in Inner Mongolia and would like to see this place as I am a photographer and will be living in China for many years to come. I like to see the great “tourist” places, but the places like this are where the real excitement is and the true beauty of any country is in the off the beaten path areas. So tell me where this is. Specifically what province. I thought due to the weather it may be Liaoning or Jilin Province but cannot be sure.

  11. Xiaoda

    Ray, it’s in Hunan province.
    It’s also spelled Fenghuang.

  12. Amy

    Stunningly beautiful pictures. It so nice to see something of life beyond the Shanghai skyline big and shiny buildings.

  13. Jim

    Great pictures! There are several beautiful places in China – many of them just like this. For an even more stunning perspective you should visit the southeastern portion of Guizhou in China. Besides the beauty of the places there, you will also find that the people are some of the nicest in the whole country.

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  15. SpunkyGirl

    Gorgeous photos! I’ve traveled in China twice, but I haven’t made it to Fenhuan yet. It is definitely on my list for next year though. Thanks for posting!

  16. Iain Manley

    The town’s name is Fenghuang (凤凰), not Fenhuan, for anybody who’d like to go there. It’s in Hunan.

  17. Sam Reeves

    Amazing pictures!

    Well worth a Stumble thumbs up.

  18. V-TL

    nice pics, they do look nice, fisheye sometimes is cool to :) the man with the ducks/chikens realy nice shot.

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  20. Erica @ Expatria, Baby

    I stumbled across these images and your site. Man, am I glad that I did. So vibrent. So captivating. The picture of the girl washing her hair is particularly wonderful.

  21. salahhe

    Every time I hear someone praising towns like this, I know for sure they don’t have to live there. “So alive, so vibrant”. Yeah, in the pictures maybe. Live there for a month and you will hate it. If this is one of the most beautiful cities of China, China is ugly.

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  23. Orxan

    fantastic place,friendly people and good food, and not expensive.definately a must go place, thinking about going again:-)

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  25. Feng Huang

    Feng Huang is the most beautiful town in China, Tuo jiang running through its heart, most of hotels or inns in Fenghuang are traditional Chinese style, some of them small and lovely.

  26. Vedette

    White people wearing our traditional costume looks wierd.

  27. Tom Carter

    Nice photos, cool website, but it’s spelled “Fenghuang” 鳳凰, as in Phoenix.

  28. Nitish Kapoor Bureau Newdelhi

    wonderful . . . nice pictures

  29. closeshot

    its great to live in a place like this …………..COOL

  30. Arianna

    Its Fenghuang- meaning Phoenix. Get it straight.

  31. るにいぜ

    How come you dont have your site viewable in wap format? Can not view anything in my iPad.

  32. A Boundless Voyage

    Wow! It looks unbelievable! Definitely on our list now!

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